Our Core Offerings

We play the role of service provider for ‘integrated corporate farming’ to large farm land owners  and institutional clients across the globe, adopting an inclusive approach that co-opts the local farmers around each project cluster. This approach is integral part of our core business strategy and provides benefits for all stakeholders by building capacity among them, enhancing their farming knowledge, providing agri inputs and buy back. While all these benefit the farmers, the supply chain also immensely gets benefited as the same raw material crop is grown in the catchment in addition to their own farm land. We truly believe small farmers adopt fast when they are anchored rightly without exploitation.

V2C Business Model

We bring together a wide array of local and regional stakeholders to form a mutually beneficial value chain. We provide Information and expertise, consulting services, technology, and programs to reach rural and impoverished markets. Here is how we bring value to our customers;

  • Agriculture Extension Systems: Technology to strengthen extension systems; advice and technical support for farming communities; training and capacity-building for entrepreneurs;  research and development projects designed to solve problems faced by farming communities
  • Supply chain: Best-of-class products and services for farmers that improve returns to all stakeholders, including farmers
  • Community Organizations: Help entrepreneurs, provide grass-roots agriculture domain and business support, and enable programs to scale efficiently
  • Multilateral Development Agencies: Program support to enable and increase rural outreach, improve food security, create jobs, and develop partnerships with local businesses and community organizations

Our Value to Customer

Do you own a large virgin land that you would like to convert into a crop cluster?

We partner with large farm land owners or institutions across countries as “ integrated farming service provider” to unlock virgin farm land potential and also develop the local small farmers through capacity building.

Our “Farm to Fork“ value chain creation experts have experience in multi country operations and hands-on experience in working with local communities to meet your needs.

Please contact us to find out how we can help you.